The Yellow Wallpaper

This 19 century woman in The Yellow  Wallpaper  resonates with 21st century women because we are still dealing with the same stereotypes and misdiagnoses. For centuries we have been told we are “hysterical” which was an actual medical diagnosis for women in the 19c and although it is no longer used in that capacity, it is still widely used to describe women. We are labeled “dramatic” or “overly emotional” and are still fighting to be taken more seriously than the men in any field and it’s proven by our differences in wages. It was an amazing story and I wanted to read more of it, and later, learning that the story was based on the writer’s own battle with mental illness added to the power of the story. 

I highly recommend this short story.

The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins-Gilman

Carolina MedranoComment