Intro to Literature

Hello Hello ! I’ve been MIA the past few weeks since I have been getting into the swing of things in school. I am pursing a degree in Nursing and although its supposed to be a two year associate’s degree, life keeps getting in the way. Three years and two schools later and I am back at it again. I have just a few more prerequisite classes to go before I can begin actual Nursing Clinical courses.

I am working full time, and taking courses online, and my days are starting to feel like I’m running on a treadmill that doesn’t stop. But my Intro to Literature class is really getting me through it.

I love literature classes the most because professors tend to introduce you to a selection of books and stories you would never read on your own. This week’s focus is women and we were to read and analyze “Ms. Brill” by Katherine Mansfield, and “The Yellow Wallpaper” by Charlotte Perkins-Gillman. These are chilling short stories of 19 century women and the things they have to deal with. I say chilling, because it is scary how much they resonate with women today. I saw myself in Ms.Brill, in the way she observed the people around her but never really connected with anyone. I saw myself in the woman from The Yellow Wallpaper in the way she was so close to the edge of herself, right on the precipice of sanity and the very thin line to insanity. It is too easy in this day and age for women to get locked away in our thoughts and give in to the suspicions and delusions of our minds.

At a very crucial part of the story, right when you think the woman in The Yellow Wallpaper will get better, she actually lets all the craziness inside her out and becomes the woman she kept imagining trapped in the wallpaper of her room.

“I wonder if they all come out of the wallpaper as I did?”

It’s a bit sinister, but I actually smiled when I read that line. We don’t want our inner mechanisms and insanity to overtake us, but sometimes it has to in order for us to learn, grow, and overcome.

I am excited to see what other reading assignments I will get in this course as we explore other themes and genres. In the meantime, I am just trying to slow down and keep up at the same time without letting my own crazy woman out the wallpaper.

I’ll be sharing my favorite reading selections on my Editor’s choice page so make sure you stay posted.