Beauty Attainable

The bible is made up of many books, filled with hundreds of stories and rich history. When you dig into God’s word, you get the opportunity to learn about God and see how His word comes to life and is still relevant today. If you get lost in the immensity of the scripture, bible devotionals can be a good resource for you to focus on a specific theme or take a detailed study of a book in the bible (See my post on precepts). I have read and memorized the beatitudes, and through out life have heard sermons detailing Jesus’s words when he gave the sermon on the mount. In all of the teachings I’ve listened to and read, I have yet to see a breakdown of the beatitudes that is as comprehensive as this.

  1. Blessed are the Poor in Spirit

    Poor as in ‘begging or dependent on others’. When we are brought low and weakened, we are blessed because we realize our need for Jesus. (Bible in a Year)

  2. Blessed are those who Mourn

    When we mourn our sin, or the mess that is the world around us, we are promised that we will be comforted. "It is almost worth having a problem in order to be able to experience God’s comfort”-Joyce Meyer

  3. Blessed are the Meek

    Be content with who you are. We are blessed with the chance to be gentle, considerate, and unassuming, having tamed strength, under the control of the Spirit. (Bible in a Year)

  4. Blessed are those who Hunger and Thirst for Righteousness

    You are blessed when you work up a good appetite for God because He is the only one who sustains. When you pursue other things, you are left feeling empty, but when you pursue God, you are filled.

  5. Blessed are the Merciful, for they will be shown mercy

    You are blessed with forgiveness. Out of that abundance and grace, you can forgive others.

  6. Blessed are the Pure in Heart

    When we are completely sincere, showing integrity, openness, and authenticity, it is pure. This kind of purity allows you to see God. (Bible in a Year)

  7. Blessed are the Peacemakers

    We are blessed as peacemakers by being called children of God.

  8. Blessed are those who are Persecuted because of righteousness

    The reward for being persecuted for your commitment to God, is that you have God, the only one who Saves !

The Beatitudes have always been taught to me as a kind of guide for how Christians should be. The problem with this perspective is that you begin to strive to be these things and when you strive, you fail. God knows we are not cut out for the hard work. We are weak and human. He gives us the Spirit and His word to help us along the way. This devotional on the Bible App has given me a fresh perspective on the Beatitudes. God wants us to understand the Beatitudes as His favor upon us, they are a blessing to us as Christians. Once we begin to see them that way, the Beatitudes are much more attainable.

You can join me in this 365 Day Devotional by clicking here. The Beatitudes were part of Day 5 reading.

When Jesus saw the crowds, He went up on the mountain and sat down. His disciples came to Him, and He began to teach them… Matthew 5:1-2