The Big Leap

Most people don't think about tall trees with bright green leaves when they think of New York City, but this is all I see. 

I honestly didn't know how my big move back to NYC would work out. Moving to Harrisburg after my daughter was born was never meant to be a permanent move. I always knew that I wanted to move back to NY and raise Alice in the city. I just thought that it would happen after I got my degree in Nursing and when Alice was at least ready to go to school. I had it all planned out, it was a safe and secure plan for me and my daughter’s future.

But here we are.

I am still two years away from graduating with my degree and Alice is only two years old. This past Monday, I didn't know where I would live or who would watch Alice for me while I go to work and school. Tuesday, I got my official offer letter to start at Housing Works Primary Health Care starting the very next week. I called my family in NY and one of my aunts was kind enough to allow me to stay in her home. Wednesday I called everyone I know and spent the whole day researching child care facilities in NY, and Thursday I accepted the offer. Everything is moving so fast and the only way I can describe it is that this God train is pummeling full force into the middle of my life and plans and all I can do is jump in and hold on for dear life.

I have been praying for an opportunity like this for so long, the chance to move back to the city, to work for the company I used to work for before coming to Pennsylvania, and to be out of Harrisburg sooner; so, although it seems to be a crazy big leap, I know it is an answered prayer.

My dream has always been to live in the city. When I had my daughter, my family protested and said I should move to the suburbs because it’s easier to raise a family there. But I always knew I’d raise Alice with all the super cool city kids who ride the city bus and subway. I want her to go to school in a diverse, urban setting where she is exposed to many cultures and customs. I want to walk around the city with her and get fruit from the green carts and helado from the umbrella carts. Also, I’ve just wanted this for myself. Before I had a child, I lived in New York and I thrived, and saying that motherhood would take this away from me puts a damper on the whole experience. It most definitely doesn’t have to be this way. I can be a city girl and a mom and have so much fun doing both.

I know that it’s going to be a struggle at first. Getting Alice adjusted to the change, and figuring out my work and school schedule is going to be tough, but no one said dreams come easy. I feel like God has something planned for me here, and I can’t wait to see what it is