City Life

I've been in NYC for three weeks now and it all still seems like a dream, at any moment I'll have to pack up and head to Harrisburg again. 

That's not to say it's been easy. I fall asleep exhausted everyday, I don't make it home until 8pm at the earliest, and my daughter hasn't been in daycare all this time. Being out of her normal routine has really turned her into a cranky brat. I've been frustrated, I've cried, I'm totally broke, but I can tell in my spirit that I'm thriving. 

It is so weird what thriving looks like to different people. This is where I want to be. I could easily whine about it like the Isrealites in the dessert screaming, "Did you bring us out here to die ?" But I can't complain, I know that no matter the struggle or the frustration, God is still in control, He knows exactly what He has planned for me, I just have to follow through. 

Alice and I are still adjusting and we don't really have a routine figured out yet, but we are getting there and being here in the city is totally worth it all. Alice loves getting on the train or the bus, her eyes light up as if she were going on a new adventure. We've explored different parks around the city and Alice even had her first trip to the beach this past weekend.

Things are a bit more difficult here but we still manage to have a good time. No one said it would all come easily, I just know that there is a victory for me in the end.