Out Run Myself

I've never been athletic. Once in High School I was forced to join the track team and instead of running, I'd show up to practice and sit by the side of the track until my mom finally relented and let me quit. I would much rather sit on the porch swing with a good book. I've read multiple books where the character runs for stress relief or to clear their mind, I've even spoken to people who say that running is like meditation for them. As I've grown older, the idea of getting my recommended exercise while meditating intrigued me. I  thought it would be amazing to have the physical endurance to just take off and start running a couple of miles so, this year I set a goal to run a 5k. I've been doing the Couch 2 5K app on my phone since January and although my schedule doesn't allow for consistency or more than two or three runs every other week, I had finally gotten to running up to 25 minutes or 2.75 miles straight at the beginning of April, just in time for my town's 5k this past Saturday. 

These past couple of months that I've been training have been tough but also amazing. I found that when I wanted to give up or when I felt too exhausted to keep going, I just had to focus on a spot in the distance and then just let my mind go. I'd stop focusing on the run itself and instead focus on praying or worship. I'd get so lost in praising God while running, I'd be puffing out Kim Walker Smith's "You Are On My Side" in between breaths and before I knew it, I went from running two minute intervals to running ten minute intervals, then twenty minute intervals !

I turned running into worship and dedicated my time on the track to Him and I got strength from that. When we focus on God in whatever we do , we do it for His glory. Now this doesn't mean that I finished the 5k. 

On race day this past Saturday I really psyched myself out. I saw all the professional runners and people that have been doing this run year after year, I felt the pressure to succeed because my family came out to support me, and I saw the look on my daughter's face that showed she was so proud to see her mommy run. Of course, all these things should have motivated me but instead it all made me super emotional and I lost my focus just one mile in. I trained since January and every time I would finish running because I would focus on God, and this time I lost my focus. 

We often do this in life. We give up way too easily because we lose our focus, we take our eyes off the Lord and instead focus on the obstacles ahead, forgetting that He is so much bigger than all of that. 

I am so glad for this past Saturday's experience, and although I didn't finish I know that I can if I just stay focused.  Now I have a new goal for the rest of the year, I have to out run myself. 


So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.

1 Corinthians 10:31